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Spa Montage delivers a captivating fusion of modern technology and the warmth of nature-inspired wellbeing brought to life by the hands of our expertly skilled technicians.

Well Living

Signature Services

Our experienced Spa Montage therapists undergo hundreds of hours of specialized education and training in order to create truly customized therapies that best address your needs for attaining balance. Through careful consideration and well-crafted global experiences, we have designed our Well Living rituals to inspire rejuvenation, transformation and stillness of mind specifically for you.


90/120 minutes • $385/$505

Elevate your wellness to a new level by experiencing the best that spa science and ancient healing wisdom can offer. In this artfully crafted body balancing experience, a Spa Montage therapist selects from a global spectrum of spa therapies and practices to create a unique and comprehensive wellness journey just for you. Together, we will develop a treatment ritual to address your specific concerns and wellness goals, using the expert touch and training of our therapists to set you on a path of ultimate well-being and renewed vitality.

Pure Bliss

90/120 minutes • $385/$505

A nurturing and aromatic experience featuring lush floral blends, lovingly handmade in the English countryside and curated by our skilled global family of therapists exclusively for Spa Montage. A full body exfoliation of aromatic salts reveal soft and supple skin, followed by a warm, hydrating body milk wrap and neck and shoulder massage. Emerge lightly scented and fully relaxed for the therapeutic massage that ensues.

Choose from the following scent journeys:

  • Monsoon Paradise • An exotic brightening feast of citrus, amyris & lisylang heart and a sophisticated jasmine escape, containing real 24ct gold.
  • Sweet Lullaby • A unique, comforting blend of euphoric vanilla & sweet orange, grounded by patchouli & spicy ylang ylang fragrantly cocooned around exotic lavender to soothe busy minds.
  • Delicate Romance • A sumptuous blend of sweet orange & lemon notes balance the opulence & indulgence of heady rose & geranium. An enchanting indulgence of romantic blooms & spices fleetingly passing notes of vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood.

Harvest Honey Ginger Infusion Ritual

90/120 minutes • $385/$505

The rhythm of nature is captured in this garden-to-treatment spa ritual. Warming ginger and mineral salts nourish and exfoliate the skin as a Neroli mist calms the senses. A wrap with vibrant locally harvested honey delivers powerfully rich vitamins and antioxidants and serves as a natural humectant, capturing moisture within the skin. Cocooned in the warmth of a full body wrap, iron rich, smooth basalt stones are used in a warm massage for the neck and shoulders. Conclude with a ginger and coriander hydration massage.

Facials – Cellular Rejuvenation

Valmont Facials – Science. Art. Spa.

A true anti-aging expert for more than 30 years, Valmont has been perpetuating the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics and the legacy of the famous Valmont Clinic with treatments that offer instant and lasting results of unparalleled quality. True to the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont delves into the very nucleus of the skin’s cells with peerless antiaging properties: Triple DNA and RNA. Each 90-minute and 120-minute Valmont beauty treatment features a signature collagen infused mask composed of pure medical grade collagen. Designed to strengthen and stimulate cells suffering from the effects of time or outside aggressions, the collagen infusion reveals sublime and youthfully radiant skin post treatment. If you require extractions, please consult with your esthetician.

The Masterpiece Ritual

90 minutes • $675 / 120 minutes with OxyLight • $985

Experience the ultimate anti-aging perfection and cellular renewal. This exclusive treatment, designed specifically for Spa Montage, combines the power of a dual cleansing process with six masks including a complete collagen treatment for the face, neck, décolleté and the eyes. Furthermore, this elevated ritual uses the infusing power of oxygen, suction and a combination of salicylic and glycolic acid peels to remove impurities deep within your skin to fight the acceleration of aging. You will have glowing, clarified and lifted skin.

The Majestic Ritual

90 Minutes • $545

A unique, luxurious alliance of rare and noble ingredients derived from Switzerland combined with the highest concentration of anti-aging DNA. An exclusive technique inspired by surgical lifting, targets the muscles of the face for toning action that smooths facial lines and restores elasticity. This luxurious treatment concludes with an application of a native cellular collagen mask, visibly enhancing with an immediate lifting effect.

Montage Signature Facial

60/90 Minutes • $265/$390

This treatment is ideal to counteract the impacts of stress, pollution and the high demands of modern life that progressively mark the skin. By returning oxygen and nutrients to the dermis, your complexion will become bright and fresh. Wrinkles and fine lines diminish, leaving skin that is radiant and well rested.

Facials – Natural Luxury

Dedicated to Vitality of Skin and Spirit

From the Swedish word for breath, ANDA represents more than a skincare regimen. It is holistic sustenance for your skin; rich in vital nutrients that offer clinically proven, transformative results to improve your complexion and overall SKIN WELLNESS. Imbued with adaptogenic plant ingredients that support the skin’s natural ability to deal with stress, these unique herbs adapt their function according to the body’s specific needs, therefore nurturing and protecting the skin. An exclusive facial rejuvenation technique inspired by the centuries-old beauty ritual of Gua Sha, stimulates lymphatic drainage, boosts circulation, and releases muscle tension held in the face to leave skin visibly firm, contoured, and glowing. Using energetic natural stone massage tools made from precious Jade and Sibin Bian to cool, contour and energize the skin you will experience immediate lifting and lasting radiance.

The Vital Organics Facial

60 minutes • $235

Envelop your skin with this renewing, transforming and skin strengthening facial. Multi-function organic plant products rich in vital nutrients are paired with Jade and Sibin Bian gemstone therapies to visibly revitalize and tone the skin. We further enhance the adaptogenic results with an enzyme masque and acupoint techniques that stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost circulation. Emerge feeling vital, empowered and beautiful.

The Vital Energy Facial

90 Minutes • $360

Transport your skin and senses with the vital nutrients and specialized, ancient treatment techniques that instantly firm, tighten and renew your skin. After a centering meditation, organic plant-rich products nourish and brighten the skin. Focusing on what your skin craves most, your esthetician will work with you to select your ideal specialty masque and apply it to visibly calm and soothe your skin. The Yin/Yang energy of a specialized Gua Sha massage, using precious Sibin Bian and Jade tools, increases healthy circulation as the naturally warm and cool effect provides youthful firming and toning.

Collagen Enhancements

Optional Additions to Valmont Treatments

Our medical-grade collagen can enhance any Valmont Beauty Treatment or Technology Facial. Please allow our Spa Concierge to help guide your choice.


30 minutes • $135

Skin of the upper chest instantly recovers its natural resilience, suppleness and radiance.

Face and Neck

30 minutes • $135

A “biological face-lift.” Thanks to a combination of active ingredients, this mask helps reactivate the skin’s deficient natural functions.


30 minutes • $80

Instantly relieves and refreshes the eye contour area. This mask contains drainage enhancing agents to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness and dark circles, helping restore more radiant looking eyes.

Advanced Skincare Technology

Sapphire OxyLight® Facial

60 minutes • $465

The OxyLight® experience combines clinically proven, science-backed treatments into one transformative session. Your esthetician will guide you through a selection of modalities including diamond dermabrasion, pure oxygen, Biosonix ultrasound, Myolight micro-current, negative pressure, and LED light therapy. Skin-balancing prebiotic/probiotic ingredients are used throughout the facial, designed to return the skin’s microbiome to its ideal, most functional state. Along with immune-boosting minerals, naturally occurring fruit enzymes help reset and detoxify your skin for a purifying, refreshing experience.

OxyLight® Technology Enhancement

Optional Addition to Any Facial Treatment 30 minutes • $155 each
  • LED Panel with Oxygen – Best for acne, rosacea and anti-aging treatments; expedites the healing process for post-surgery/laser procedures.
  • Myolight Micro-Current and Light – Stimulates muscle toning and firming, lymphatic flow and circulation.
  • Intense Pulse Oxygen – Improves skin complexion and addresses hyperpigmentation.
  • Diamond Abrasion – Deep exfoliation.

Body Treatments

Green Earth Body Polish

60 minutes • $265

Capturing the scent of spring, with fresh cut grass and newly emerging leaves, this body scrub is light and refreshing. California Pacific Sea Salt and antioxidant rich extracts refine and soften the skin before a deeply quenching hydration of olive oil buttercream.

Touchless Therapies

Lightstim® Full Body Technology

40 minutes • $180

This soothing full-body treatment helps promote overall wellness and peak physiological function by encouraging the body’s inherently restorative processes. Relieve pain, relax sore muscles and increase blood circulation to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body.

Therabody® Compression Boots

20 minutes • $80

Simulating lymphatic drainage on your lower extremities, relax and recover faster as each boot sequentially compresses the leg to increase circulation and reduce soreness and fatigue.

Higherdose® Infrared Sauna Blanket

20 minutes • $80

Designed with cutting-edge technology that allows for incredible heat therapy but low EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) detoxify your body, relax your mind, boost your mood and burn calories, while promoting gorgeous glowing skin. After one session, expect to feel a sense of bliss and beauty.


Sonoma Blend Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $235/$350/$470

Whether suffering from work-induced stress, specific aches and pains or seeking new ways to unwind, our highly trained massage therapists will customize your experience with the level of pressure best suited to provide you relaxation and relief. In this signature Montage Healdsburg massage, enjoy the rich benefits of our locally-sourced, cold-decanted olive oil paired with your selection of aromatic orchard alchemy to induce either deep levels of relaxation and connection or awakening and presence.

Be Well – CBD Recovery Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $295/$410/$530

After a day spent exploring the breathtaking beauty of our surrounding environment, enjoy relief and recovery with this therapeutic massage. Hypervolt percussive therapy, deep tissue massage and the restorative power of CBD are the perfect combination to return you to balance and ready for your next adventure.

Russian River Stone Massage

60/90/120 minutes • $265/$380/$500

Inspiration comes as the fog gently rises from the vineyards and the sun warms the river rock tucked throughout our rolling hills. Heated stones melt stress away and lift the spirits with restorative relief. Lavender abounds the vineyard hillsides and is the perfect accompaniment to this restful massage.

120 minutes includes a Lavender Wrap

Expectant Mother Massage

60/90 minutes • $235/$350

For expecting mothers in their second or third trimester, our highly trained massage therapists are experts in providing the special care and attention that you deserve.

Just the Two of Us

Indulge and unwind with an array of signature treatments for two. Our spa sanctuary offers the perfect space to reconnect as you experience a memorable spa journey together.

Journey of the Senses

120 minutes • $965 (price per couple)

Every moment is blissfully beautiful in this memorable spa experience for two. A meditative chime draws you out of thought and into the present as you both breathe grounding essences of lavender, cedarwood and vetivert. Vibration therapy dissolves stress and allows the body to let go before a thorough body polish of French lavender, vanilla and sweet orange. Step together into an aromatic shower of eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint and emerge refreshed. Jasmine and colorful citrus notes begin a soulful, meditative massage incorporating heated flower poultices and our Montage Signature Orange Blossom Oil and Souffle. Wrapped in hydrating Shea butter, enjoy a neck and shoulder, heated Rose Porfyr stone massage. Awaken with clarity of eucalyptus and soft citrus as the chime rings one last time. Finish with a chocolate and wine pairing to toast everlasting connection and romance.

Blossoming Romance

60/90 minutes • $470/$700 (price per couple)

Side by side in an indoor couples suite, this full-body personalized massage incorporates a variety of techniques, bringing you both into deep relaxation, tranquility and a blissful state of mind.

Salon Montage

Nail & Hair Services

Signature Manicure & Pedicure

105 minutes • $170

This signature combination manicure and pedicure includes perfectly trimmed, filed and shaped nails, a gentle exfoliation to smooth away dry skin cells, relaxing massage and warming paraffin treatment to maintain deep hydration. Complete the experience with your choice of nail lacquer or buffing.

Signature Manicure 60 minutes • $75
Signature Pedicure 60 minutes • $95


Gentlemen’s Manicure & Pedicure

90 minutes • $160

This classic manicure and pedicure includes nail trimming and shaping, a hydrating scrub, massage and buff. The perfect grooming to keep your hands and feet looking their best.

Gentlemen’s Manicure 30 minutes • $65
Gentlemen’s Pedicure 60 minutes • $95


Precision Cuts & Styling

Cut Only • Starting from $120
Women’s Cut & Style • Starting from $175
Wash & Blow Out • Starting from $125
Tint or Gloss • Starting from $200
Partial Highlights • Starting from $275
Classic Full Foil Highlights • Starting from $350
Balayage • Starting from $425

Special Occasion

Bridal Design • Starting from $425
Special Event Design • Starting from $200


Spa Montage is passionate about total wellness – body, mind and spirit. Our wellness experts specialize in a variety of fitness techniques and are here to assist you with looking and feeling your best.

Private group fitness classes, training sessions and series pricing are available upon request.

*priced for individual private session – $75/person for each additional participant, capping at $475 for up to 12 participants

Personal Training

30/60 minutes • $125/$250*

A full-body assessment and personalized training session is the perfect way to continue your existing fitness regimen or start your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Assisted Stretch

30 minutes • $110

Unlock blocked energy, release old trauma and increase your mobility with the assistance and guidance of one of our highly-trained experts.

Yoga Among The Vines

75 minutes • $250*

Allow our wellness experts guide you in an unparalleled yoga experience as you find peace and connect with nature. Nestled within our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, ground yourself into the earth and feel an abundance of energy and light flow through your customized yoga or meditation practice.