Couple riding bikes in Sonoma Country vineyards


Activities in Wine Country

Brimming with natural beauty and singular outdoor experiences, explore the breathtaking landscape of the Sonoma County region through endless on- and off-property resort activities.

Compass Sports

Compass Sports

Welcome to Compass Sports, your year-round adventure hub for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Housed in a bike cave, Compass Sports serves as a gateway to unlocking miles of excursions for every taste. Hiking and biking trails lace the resort, revealing the simple beauty of the region’s wilds in all seasons.

Seaweed at the Healdsburg bay

Seaweed Adventure in Sonoma County

Did you know there are 640 native seaweed species along the Sonoma County Coastline? From Kombu, Nori to Sister Sarah and Feather Boa, Heidi Herrmann of Strong Arm Farm will discuss ecology, sustainability and help you identify all the varieties of this wild-harvest nutritional food source. This summer, take advantage of sunshine and low tides and experience a morning of seaweed foraging.

Located an hour from the resort, Heidi will guide you in proper cutting techniques and how to forage mindfully and respectfully. Participants can collect up to 10 pounds of edible seaweed and – upon your return to the resort  – our team will dry it for you so you can take it home, while you relax and enjoy your visit to wine country.

This experience is offered seasonally from early spring until late summer.

A couple hiking


Sonoma wine country is home to breathtaking hikes and relaxing strolls. The winding paths of Montage Healdsburg offer scenic views of the resort’s rolling vineyards and heritage oaks. Guests may also choose to venture to the 155-acre Healdsburg Ridge Open Space Reserve, Riverfront Regional Park or Lake Sonoma for their trail networks of easy to moderate hikes.

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couple riding bikes in the vineyard at Montage Healdsburg


In partnership with Scott Bikes, take in the simple beauty of Healdsburg and hop on an E-bike to explore the resort’s hidden trails and wide-open country roads, where nature’s splendor remains untouched and off-the-map picnics are the best part of the day.

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wood log with two holes in the bottom

Natural Log Nest for Honeybees

Our natural log nest, built in collaboration between our beekeeper Candice Koseba of Sonoma County Bee Company and Michael Thiele of Apis Arborea, offers a safe and fun way to enjoy watching honeybees in their natural habitat.

From a safe distance, you can observe the bees’ flight paths in and out of the nest as the busy foragers make their way to blooming flowers. Honeybees use the sun and moon as a directional guide to forage and to aid in the straight perpendicular comb building inside the nest. As the colony continues to grow, they will fill the hollow log and live out their natural life cycle within.



Guests may test their aim with bows and arrows during a fun, safe introduction to one of the world’s most ancient sports on our archery range. We have partnered with Victor Kühn who has personally hand-crafted each bow and arrow honoring traditional methods of harvesting and processing natural materials to our specifications.

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Couple playing bocce ball at luxury healdsburg hotel

Bocce Ball & Pickleball

For those with a taste for friendly competition, Montage Healdsburg features on-property bocce ball as well as pickleball courts, inviting guests to make the best use of their valuable leisure time and serve and volley under the Northern California sun.

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bees flying out of wood beehive

Spring Equinox & Swarm Season

As Spring Equinox approaches, hives begin to wake from their winter lull. During this time the queens are rapidly laying eggs, birthing a new generation of queens and building up the population inside the hive to take advantage of the spring and summer nectar flow.

Queens fly out of the nest with an entourage of supporting worker-bees, in search of a new home to start the cycle once again. They form a ‘swarm,’ which is honeybee colony reproducing, which looks like clouds of bees – a synchronous dance in the sky.

Swarm season typically begins in March and goes through June. At this point, honeybee swarms are very docile; they are looking for a new home and do not have honey or a brood to protect. The swarm will settle and come together in a location until they have democratically agreed upon a new nesting site. During this time, the cluster of bees will send out scout bees to explore and seek new cavities to call home and report back with their choice. Once a collective decision is made the swarm begins to vibrate with activity and move into their new home.

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A road in the Sonoma Country forest

California Redwoods

Immerse yourself into the natural elements of the surrounding forests and walk among the giants. Brimming with natural beauty, wind your way through towering redwoods on Bohemian Highway or allow us to curate a personalized drive and explore the breathtaking landscape that is northern Sonoma.

waves crashing on cliffs at Bodega Bay Head in California

Bodega Bay

While exploring the scenic Sonoma Coast, one destination you don’t want to miss is the small, friendly beach town loved by travelers and locals, Bodega Bay. Enjoy magnificent Pacific Ocean views, whale watching, kayaking, hiking trails and the freshest fare from the surrounding land and sea.

Bag of golf clubs on course


Whether you’re a recreational or scratch golfer, take to the fairways for a memorable day on one of these esteemed nearby golf courses.

Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park
Located six miles from the property, the historic Healdsburg Golf Club at Tayman Park is the oldest course in the area, and was reportedly designed with the help of the late famed course architect Alister MacKenzie. Its nine holes of rolling terrain and undulating greens are surrounded by ancient oaks and Dry Creek Valley views.

Windsor Golf Course
Surrounded by majestic mountains and vineyards, Windsor Golf Course tests your game with a challenging and strategic layout — but rewards you with views of creeks, lakes, and towering oak trees.

Lakes in Healdsburg


Paddle your way down one of the region’s best-known waterways with a kayak, canoe or stand-up paddleboarding excursion along the Russian River, which flows just a short distance away from the resort and offers exceptional views of the region along its banks. Also nearby, Lake Sonoma offers 50 miles of shimmering shoreline primed for swimming, boating and fishing.

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Horseback riding in Healdsburg

Additional Off-Property Recreation

The rustic natural landscape of Sonoma County is a haven for outdoor recreation of all kinds, including horseback riding, bird watching, zip lining, rock climbing, helicopter tours and spectacular hot air balloon rides over rolling vineyards. For more information on any of these activities or to arrange your excursion, please contact our concierge team.

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