Lavender Sprigs

Season of Growth

A Seasonal Journey

As springtime emerges and the vines awake from their winter rest, celebrate the beauty of bud break with a morning dedicated to renewal featuring Yoga Among the Vines and guided meditation, concluding with a conscious conversation and journal session.


March 25  |  9:00am – 11:30am
Spa Montage

Outdoor Yoga at Napa Valley luxury resort

The Meaning of Bud Break

Bud break marks the arrival of spring and the renewal of nature. Small buds begin to appear on the branches, signaling the start of a new growing season. As the vines shed their old growth and start anew, we too can let go of old habits and mindsets that no longer serve us. Embrace the spirit of bud break and be renewed, refreshed and ready for new growth in the year ahead.

Participation is complimentary for registered overnight resort guests and $50 per person for non-registered resort guests. Please register in advance with Spa Montage at (707) 209-0200.



Yoga Among the Vines

Nestled within our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards, we invite you to find balance and vitality as you connect with nature in an unparalleled yoga experience.



Sip refreshing smoothies for a brief rest before the following moments of wellness and intention.


Guided Meditation

Dedicate a moment to absolute peace. Guided by our wellness expert, practice awareness and learn breath control to incorporate in your daily routine.


Conscious Journaling

Conclude with a conscious conversation and journal session to reflect and capture your insights from pen to paper.



Fond farewells until next time.