Yama Sushi Menu

Handcrafted Cocktails

A modern spin on the boulevardier. This japanese whiskey cocktail will immerse you in bold flavors of alpine herbs, orange shrub, and winter spice.
The Plum Spritz
Sparkling, refreshing, and abundant with flavors. This cocktail is perfectly blended with plum, lime, orange, and peach!
Smoked Manhattan
There is nothing like sitting by a campfire after a day of activities, so we created a cocktail to give you just that experience. This High West Campfire Manhattan is smoked table-side for your viewing pleasure.
Midnight Magnolia
Enjoy this gin martini crafted in elegance, with notes of juniper, citrus, and floral lavender.
When The Smoke Clears
Mezcal… Pomegranate… Lime… Now that I have your attention, this beverage is sure to make your taste buds dance with excitement!
Lady Morgan’s Martini
Oh la la! This pear, ginger, and elderflower martini is “tres magnifique!”
The Solace Martini
A seasonal twist on a ketel one cosmopolitan. This sparkling cocktail brings you winter flavors of orange, cranberry, elderflower, green apple and is topped with veuve clicquot.


Bottles & Cans
Guiness Stout
Heineken 0.0 Non-Alcoholic
Mountain West Hard Cider
Michelob Ultra
Stella Artois Pilsner
Uinta Cutthroat Pale
Kirin Lager
Sapporo 2x4 IIPA
Echigo Rice Lager Polygamy Nitro Porter
Hitachino Nest White Ale
Hitachino Dai Dai IPA


Veuve Clicquot
Brut, Yellow Label, Champagne, France NV
$48/ $235
Brut, Cuvee Leonie, Champagne, France NV
$31 / $150
Roederer Estates
Brut Rose, Anderson Valley CA NV
$25 / $120
Château d’Esclans
Rosé Whispering Angel, Provence, France
$20/ $95
Rombauer Estates
Chardonnay, Carneros, California
$30 / $145
Long-Depaquit Chardonnay, Chablis, France
$26 / $125
Pascal Jolivet
Sauvignon blanc, Touraine, France
$23 / $110
Marco Felluga
Pinot Grigio, Collio, Italy
$20 / $95
Gruner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria
$25 / $120
Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills, Willamette, Oregon
$23 / $110
Pinot Noir, Carneros, Sonoma, California
$32 / $155
Stephane Aviron
Gamay, Julienas Cru, Beaujoulais, France
$23 / $110
Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, California
$26 / $125
Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma, California
$52 / $255


Cold, Bottle, 10z / 300ml
Manotsuru, Countless Visions, Nigori
Eikun, Junmai Ginjo Water Lords, Kyoto
light & fruity
Manotsuru, Tokubetsu Honjozo, Demon Slayer, Sado Island
dry & rich
Sawahime Yamahai Junmai, Tochigi
rich & earthy
Manotsuru, Daiginjo Rumiko, Sado Island
clean & fruity
Hot, Carafe, 10z / 300ml
By the Glass, 5oz / 150ml
Junmai Ginjo
Junmai Daiginjo

Chef's Specials

Edamame (v)
Sea Salt, Spicy Garlic
$8, $10
Miso Soup
Wakame, Tofu, Scallion, Clams
Kyuri Sunomono
Sliced Cucumber, King Crab, Tosazu Vinaigrette, Sesame
Yama Wonton Nachos*
King Crab, Big Eye Tuna, Wonton Chips, Wakame, Avocado Tobiko, Sweet Tare, Spicy Aioli, Cilantro
Jack Carpaccio*
Daily Jackfish, Jalapeño, Yuzu Kosho, Ponzu
Seared Mackerel*
Seared Mackerel, Goma Dare, Myoga
Wagyu Katsu Hot Rock*
A5 Japanese Wagyu cutlet, Japanese Slaw Pickles, Katsu and Goma Dare
Seafood Hot Rock*
Marinated Toro, Hokkaido Scallop, Daily Fish Sunomono, Pickles, Goma Dare, Ponzu
Maguro Zuke*
Marinated Tuna, Japanese Pickles, Persimmon Yuzu Kosho, Zuke Tare
Wagyu Tataki*
Seared A5 Japanese Wagyu, Curry Butter Sweet Potato, Kabocha Pumpkin
Yama Fried Rice*
Lobster, Wagyu, Onion, Mushroom, Egg Scallions, Oyster Sauce, Truffle Salt

Signature Rolls

Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna, King Salmon Cucumber, Avocado, Spicy Aioli, Tobiko, Chive
Spicy Tuna, White Fish, Cucumber, Avocado Yuzu Kosho, Ponzu, Lemon, Micro Shiso
King Salmon, Yellowtail, Avocado, Yamagobo, Spicy Aioli, Crispy Onion
Surf n Turf*
Seared A5 Wagyu, Lobster, Asparagus, Truffle Salt, Caviar
Mushroom Tempura, Cucumber, Inari, Avocado Masago Arare, Agave, Lemon Zest

Classic Rolls | 17

Shrimp Tempura
Spicy Tuna*|
Kappamaki (v)

Nigiri / Sashimi

2 Pieces / 3 Pieces
Maguro (BigEye Tuna)*.
18 | 25
Toro (Bluefin Tuna Belly)*
44 | 55
Hamachi (Yellowtail)*
18 | 25
Hamachi Harami (Yellowtail Belly)*
20 | 27
Kanpachi (Amberjack)*
18 | 24
Sake (King Salmon)*
18 | 24
Sake (King Salmon Belly)*
20 | 27
Walu (Butter Fish)*
20 | 27
Tai (Japanese Seabream)*
20 | 27
Hirame (Flounder)*
16 | 23
Shime Saba (Cured Mackerel)*
16 | 23
Sawara (Spanish Mackerel)*
16 | 23
Hotategai (Hokkaido Scallop)*
18 | 25
Kani (King Crab)
32 | 48
Ebi (Boiled Shrimp)
16 | 23
Tako (Octopus)
15 | 22
Unagi (Freshwater Eel)
20 | 27
Ikura (Salmon Roe)*
Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)*
Uni (Sea Urchin)*
Chef’s Sashimi Plate*
$65 | $98
9 piece, 15 piece
Chef’s Osusume Nigiri Plate*
6 piece


Cherry Blossom | Strawberry and Milk | Blue Hawaiian | Vanilla Ice Cream
Mochi of the Day
1 pieces $5 | 2 pieces $9

For a complete resort wine list including bottles please inquire with your server.

*Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase the risk of foodborne illness.