Spa Montage Entrance at Montage Deer Valley


At the Montage Deer Valley Salon, relax and enjoy individualized attention with a complete range of high-quality services. Perfect for a Main Street stroll or a Sundance premiere, have a fashionable hair salon experience in Park City.


Salon  |  10:00am – 5:00pm

Salon at Montage Deer Valley

A Refined Touch

The most damaged, fragile and aging hair can transform into the fullest expression of your individual beauty. Our Salon specialists will transform your look and have you walking out the door feeling fresh, confident and truly happy. A few of our special services include:

  • Event Hair Styling
  • Hair Painting (Balayage)
  • Complete Make Overs and Hair Styles
  • Botox for the Hair
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment