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January Well Living

Elevate Your Wellbeing

Renewing our mind, spirit and body can take a variety of forms. This month we have invited an array of talented artists and practitioners to guide guests on a journey to discover new forms of renewal and perhaps a new path to Well Living.

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Below is an overview of our 2023 programming to provide you with insights into what we have in store for 2024. For additional information, please contact our Experience Planners for more extensive details on the month-long schedule of events.

Speakers, Teachers & Wellness Practitioners

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Katie White

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Lindsay Bomstein Well Living

Lindsey Bomstein

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Charlotte Hardwick

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Tanya Colucci

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Kimberly Harper

Kimberly Harper

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January Events

Entire Month of January

January Well Living Renewal

Designed with intention. Consciously created. Fair, sustainable fashion. To nurture the soul. Mala and Mantra transport the mysteries and magic of the monasteries to your present-moment meditation. Wear these stylish prayer beads and mantras to create your own self-transformation and draw you closer to your true soul. During the month of January, we will have an extensive array of Mala & Mantra retail available.

Friday, January 13

Yoga for the Nervous System
Most of our lifestyles keep us in fight of flight as we manage fragmented schedules and meet the demands of our busy days. A gentle yoga practice is a wonderful way to build a healthy nervous system and to restore and replenish at every level.

Yoga for Beginners
This class is for those that have been intimidated by yoga but want to feel more space in the body and gain strength.

Writing for Healing, Meaning and Joy
Experience free writing with heartfelt prompts and healthy practices created to help you quiet the noise and drop into your heart and soul. Learn beneficial ways to organize thoughts, feelings and dreams.

Saturday, January 14

Painting as a Form of Meditation
Using painting to unravel the mind.

Yoga for the Lymphatic and Immune systems
This yoga practice will stimulate the Lymphatic and Immune system with gentle movement.

Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils
Most of us ignore our need to rest and forget the benefits of restorative yoga to relax and also to build energy reserves in the body. This class is an invitation to release rigidity, tension and pain.

Writing as a Spiritual Practice
Ritual is a beautiful way to help us pause and pay attention to our lives. In this class, we will not only write but will experience a brief, heart-centered meditation and guided visualization guiding us to our own deepest knowing.

Sunday, January 15

Find Your Ground: Create a Calming Watercolor Landscape
Learn how artist, Katie White finds her ground while painting her serene soft landscapes.

Chakra Meditation
Our chakras are our energy centers that are interconnected and run along the spine. Each chakra governs our specific physical, physiological, emotional, and energetic health. We will go through the seven chakras in a restorative or seated meditation to balance the body and the mind.

Guidelines to Vibrant Health + Lifelong Wellness with Charlotte Hardwick
Charlotte will share tips and tools that she has developed with clients and through cooking classes over the last 15 years that have encouraged sustainable ways to vibrant health and realistic ways to get there.

Writing for Transformation
This class is about writing with intention and clarity.  Join us if you are ready to release stagnate energy and encourage more light, levity and creativity into your life.

Monday, January 16

Paint for the Process
Push the intimidation aside and focus on the creative process.This workshop is for the person who may focus on the end-result and get frustrated during the moment. We focus on getting past perfection and finding our calm in the present.

Yoga for Detox
A class to gently build heat and strength to rinse and clear the body. The class will include twists, balance postures and supported inversions.

Tuesday, January 17

Shamanic Journey with Cacao and Sound
9:00am – 10:30am
Join Shaman, Tanya Colucci in this shamanic meditation and sound bath for a heart opening sound and energy experience that will allow you to release negative or stuck energy and invite in positive energy for grounding and overall wellbeing.

Watercolor for Beginners
This class is for first time watercolor painters! As the name suggests, this course was developed for those new to the watercolor medium.

Self-Myofascial Release Therapy to Become Embodied
4:00pm – 5:30pm
During this experience we will explore how to connect more deeply within our body to release tight muscles, stored emotional energy, and learn to integrate our mind, body & spirit.

Wednesday, January 18

Surrendering to the Flow
9:00am – 10:30am
Tanya will use the plant medicine of Cacao to allow your heart and body to open into a blissful state before going on a guided journey and breathwork session.

Color Theory and Using Colors That Alter Our Moods
11:30 am
Explore all aspects of color and how those colors are reflected in our moods.

Thursday, January 19

Drawing & Painting from a Photograph
This class uses a grid to help you draw from a photograph. Artist, Katie White, will show you how she uses a grid to draw and paint realistic flowers.

11:30am – 1:00pm
Sacred Shamanic Journey with Cacao, Sound, & Energy Healing
Shamanic Journey with Cacao led by Tanya Colucci Journeying, like meditation, is a tool for spiritual growth. This ancient practice and interactive meditation will teach you how to expand and connect to your highest self, your power and truth.

Demystifying the Akashic Records and Expanding your Intuition
4:00pm – 5:30pm
The Akashic Records is the “Collective Consciousness of All That Is”. During this session you will learn the basics of what the records are (and aren’t).  You will learn how the energy of the Akashic Records can create healing in your life and learn tools to tap into that healing as part of a daily spiritual practice.

Friday, January 20

Embracing Women’s Health Through a Plant Forward Diet with Kimberly Harper
Join Wellness Chef Kimberly as she explains why one should incorporate a plant-based diet in their lifestyle to ensure reproductive and hormonal well-being.

Fire Ceremony
5:00pm – 5:45pm
During this fire ceremony practice, we will release unwanted energies to make room for new intentions. A fire ceremony can be used to release unwanted energies and old patterns into the fire to heal at a soul level.

Saturday, January 21

Meditation, Mantra & Mala Beads
9:00am – 10:00am
In this session, Tanya will lead you through a guided practical meditation practice using the beautiful Mala’s from ‘Mantra & Mala’ to create a personalized mantra practice for you to use daily.

Cacao & Heart Alchemy Ceremony with Energy Healing
This ceremony will be a unique, guided meditation, sound healing, energy healing, and hands-on body work while using ceremonial grade chocolate as the facilitators aid you in releasing negative energy, past trauma, and emotional blocks, allowing you to open your heart to deeper love, gratitude and joy.


Sunday, January 22

Release & Connect Gentle Yoga Practice
9:00am – 10:00am
Rise in the beauty of the low country to start your morning with a gentle yoga practice to prepare your body for the day.  You will learn an Ancient Sun Practice to Clear the Chakras to infuse your being with energy and connection.

Saturday, January 28

Power of Plants
In the lush and verdant land of the Lowcountry, plants abound. They give us fresh air, shade and most importantly, food. Join us for a dinner collaboration with Teresa Brandow, owner of Avocado Blue in Bluffton and Hilton Head for a plant-prominent dinner.