Sauna at Montage Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can guide me in choosing my treatments at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
Any one of our spa associates can assist you plan the perfect spa experience. Unique spa combinations are specifically designed to offer you a selection of our most beneficial spa treatments.

What do I wear during my treatment at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing. However, please wear what is comfortable for you.

What if I have special health considerations?

Please notify our Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff reservation associates when booking your treatments if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, recent surgeries, allergies, or if you are pregnant. Also, please advise us of any medication you’re taking. If you have any concerns, please let us know. It is always advisable to check with your doctor prior to your arrival.

When should I arrive for my spa treatment at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
For enhanced comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive 15 to 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment.

What about my comfort at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
This is your time and you should fully delight in the experience. Whether it’s the room temperature, the amount of massage pressure, or the volume of the music, please notify us at any time of any discomfort or preferences.

What if I’m late for my spa treatment appointment at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end at the scheduled time, so that the next guest will not be delayed. The value of your full treatment will be applied.

Where do I put my jewelry and valuables during spa treatment at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
If possible, please leave such items at home or in your guestroom safe. Lockers are available for your personal items in the spa facility.

Should men shave before a facial?
Shaving isn’t necessary, but it is recommended. If you do choose to shave prior to your facial, be sure to do so at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

What is the cancellation policy at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
All services booked are guaranteed with a valid credit card or room confirmation number. Spa services are reserved especially for you, so we ask you contact us by 6:00pm the night prior to your scheduled treatment to reschedule or cancel your services. No-shows and cancellations made after 6:00pm the night prior will be billed at the full treatment rate.

What methods of payment are accepted for spa services at Spa Montage Palmetto Bluff?
We accept all major credit cards or you may charge spa services to your resort bill. For your convenience payment is also accepted prior to your treatment.

What is an appropriate gratuity for spa treatments and services?
For your convenience, a 20% service charge will be added to your service total. Your final bill is always adjustable.

If you have not previously enjoyed a massage, you may feel uneasy or shy. We have put together some guidelines that should put you at ease and assist you in receiving the maximum benefit from your massage session.

  • Enjoy the steam shower or bath in your guestroom prior to your massage.
  • Your body will be professionally draped at all times. Should there be any massage technique you are uncomfortable with, please communicate it to your therapist.
  • Advise your therapist about areas of your body that are injured, sore, or tense.
  • Mention any medical conditions such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, varicose veins or recent surgery to your therapist.
  • During the session, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible. Focus your attention on breathing slowly and deeply.

This is a place of tranquility, therefore relax and respect other guests by refraining from bringing cell phones to the spa. Also, please leave children behind so that you can thoroughly enjoy your moment of solitude and relaxation.

We ensure a healthy environment for our clients by upholding a non-smoking policy.