Spa Montage at Montage Los Cabos

Elements of Wellness

Signature & Baja Wellness Journey

Inspired by our culture and traditions, tailored to you. Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Mexican Roots Ritual

120 minutes $625 USD

In Mexico, a traditional belief holds that bathing in herb-infused remedies helps reduce stress. Prepare to feel cleansed and renewed spiritually, mentally, and physically. A healing immersion in an herbal wrap followed by an overhead bath of warm infusion is the beginning of this journey. The combination of heat and herbs helps draw out unwanted toxins. Cold jade stones and facial massage maximize the detoxifying effects and balance the body temperature. Finally, conclude your experience with a tailored warm stone massage with herbal oil to induce profound relaxation.

The Jewel of Baja

120 minutes $625 USD

Natives from Baja believe in the seductive and healing power of the Damiana plant, known as the Jewel of Baja. Your experience begins with a footbath ritual followed by a full-bodied cleansing with a natural sea sponge. This cleansing prepares your body and mind to receive the power of local herbs combined with natural Damiana and agave honey in a nurturing wrap. While you are cocooned, the herbs penetrate your skin, and a cold floral facial mask will be used to balance your body temperature. Now you are ready to receive a relaxing four-hand massage to feel the inner energy of La Baja. Your journey will end with our signature Damiana elixir.

Cacao Stress Relief

90 minutes $470 USD

Often offered to the Teotl (gods), the Xololatl (cocoa) is deeply rooted in Mexican Pre-Hispanic culture. Cocoa is well known for its high levels of antioxidants and also for being a culinary delight throughout time. Our homage to this ancient ingredient includes a cacao body wrap, followed by nourishing scalp and body massage with pure coconut oil.

Massage Therapies

Our wide range of massage therapies will help calm your mind, ease tired muscles or renew the active spa-goer.

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.


60 minutes $335 USD | 90 minutes $505 USD | 120 minutes $675 USD

In this customized body balancing experience, you and your Spa Montage therapist will develop a treatment ritual to address your specific concerns and wellness goals and set you on a path of well-being and renewed vitality.

Tropical Rain

90 minutes $435 USD

Our unique massage rejuvenates your mind and balances your body. This breathtaking technique has been used for centuries and combines ten essential oils to create the most potent effect. Delight your senses and bring serenity into your life.

Therapeutic CBD Four Hands Massage

60 minutes $580 USD

At first, you might find yourself trying to keep track of the therapists, where each one is, and what each one is doing, struggling to keep it all in a very logical order in your head. However, your brain soon realizes that it is not certain who is doing what and gives up control. Combined with the benefits of CBD products, this is a powerful treatment for anyone having difficulty letting go while undergoing treatment.

Freedom Thai Massage

90 minutes $435 USD

This treatment incorporates ancient wisdom and techniques to improve your flexibility, mobility, and sense of physical and emotional freedom. A therapist-assisted stretch combines floor Thai massage with isolated stretching in order to promote the release of chronic aches and pains. We encourage you to dress in active clothing when you arrive.

Therapeutic Healing Stones

90 minutes $435 USD

The purpose of this therapeutic and relaxing treatment is to address your specific concerns and wellness goals by using hot and cold stones combined with therapeutic oils to create a soothing, nurturing experience, allowing deep relaxation and release of tension and stress held in crucial areas of your body.

Cabo Signature Massage

60 minutes $290 USD | 90 minutes $435 USD | 120 minutes $580 USD

Customized light to medium Swedish technique or medium to high deep tissue technique. This massage is designed to fit your needs, calm your mind, and ease tired muscles.


60 minutes $290 USD

Ancient civilizations discovered that many ailments could be relieved through finger-applied pressure on specific points on the feet. Today, reflexology is extremely popular and celebrated for initiating self-healing and relaxation. Your entire body will benefit from an overall renewal of vital life-force energy.

Prenatal Massage

60 minutes $290 USD | 90 minutes $435 USD

This pregnancy massage is specifically tailored to provide therapeutic support to your body as it undergoes changes in muscle and structural composition.

Mezcal Renewal Massage

90 minutes $505 USD

In Oaxaca, locals believe the Mezcal drink possesses curative powers, and they have a delightful proverb: “For everything bad, indulge in a Mezcal renewal massage; and for everything good, too.” Relive stress completely. Indulge yourself with this classical Mexican friega (friction) massage utilizing locally made heated herbal poultices and conclude your experience with a full-body massage with our signature body oil. For good measure, we will end your authentic experience with a taste of Mexico’s nectar, Mezcal Clase Azul.

Body Therapies

Achieve transformation, rejuvenation and stillness of mind.

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Pure Bliss

90 minutes $470 USD

We are delighted to warmly welcome you into a world of couture, beauty, and wellness wonders. We are dedicated to using powerful yet gentle natural ingredients that usher you into a state of bespoke luxury and deep relaxation. Explicitly designed for Spa Montage, this total-body ritual uses Lola’s Apothecary’s products which are lovingly handmade on a Devonshire estate in the heart of the English countryside. Beginning with a full exfoliation of aromatic sugar that reveals soft and supple skin, the treatment is completed by pouring hydrating body milk and a profoundly nurturing massage tailored by your therapist to meet your needs.

Choose from the following scent stories to make your time with us even more special:

•MONSOON PARADISE – An exotic brightening feast of citrus, Amyris and Lisylang Heart in our sophisticated jasmine escape containing real 24ct gold.

•SWEET LULLABY – Our unique comforting blend of euphoric vanilla and sweet orange, grounded by patchouli and spicy ylang-ylang, fragrantly cocooned around an exotic lavender comfort blanket to soothe busy minds.

•DELICATE ROMANCE – A sumptuous blend of sweet orange and lemon notes balances the opulence and indulgence of heady rose and geranium. A beautiful luxury of romantic blooms and spices fleetingly passing notes of vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood serenity.

Californian Wildflower Massage

90 minutes $470 USD

Created exclusively for Spa Montage and celebrating our Southern California roots, this head-to-toe experience is a bouquet of vibrational technology, heated healing flower poultices, and aromatic essences that inspire this refreshing ritual. Beginning with an inhalation of our signature Orange Blossom Oil and followed by full-body vibrational work, your therapist takes you on a journey that encourages your muscles to release and deep, profound relaxation to begin. After the soothing vibrational work, we employ a customized massage highlighted with heated herbal poultices comprised of Linseed, calendula flower, lavender, and chamomile. To further enhance your deep state of relaxation, we wrap you in an Orange Blossom Soufflé and perform a relaxing foot scrub and massage as you receive a hydrating facial mask. Your journey ends with gentle vibrations on your feet to reawaken you, refreshed and renewed.

Peace Within

90 minutes $470 USD

Designed with care for Spa Montage, this transcendent journey brings forth essential Ayurvedic wisdom in one powerful and transformative treatment that provides balance, soothes, rejuvenates your body and mind, and brings you to profound, deep relaxation and peace. This evocative ritual opens with a balancing aromatherapy essence and chimes ritual. Your therapist customizes your journey with a dosha-specific massage oil applied to your body’s energy centers along the spine to create openness and flow. Your therapist then uses an Ayurvedic Kansa wand to massage along the spine to awaken the Chakras, followed by a customizable full-body massage that incorporates flowing Abhyanga moves. The therapist then focuses on your face and neck, using the Ayurvedic Kansa wand to soothe, tone, and release stress from facial muscles, neck, and shoulders. This ritual culminates with a traditional Shirodhara to bring deep rest to your nervous system. Finally, we gently awaken you from a deeply restful state with a gentle scalp massage and chimes to bring you back to restful consciousness.

Facial Therapies

Cellular rejuvenation, natural luxury.

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Beyond Beauty Facial

120 minutes $675 USD

Ultimate ultrapowerful global pro-aging and lifting solution. Specifically developed to magnify skin’s beauty, soothe all signs of aging, and stimulate cell renewal, this ceremony is dedicated to mature, sagging skin lacking firmness and tonicity and tired dull-looking skin. It reshapes facial contours, reduces wrinkles, and brightens the complexion. The skin regains firmness, density, vitality, and radiance. The delicate eye area feels renovated and toned and looks visibly younger, thanks to eye patches.

Ultimate Skincare Ritual

90 minutes $505 USD

The ultimate skin health ceremony is designed to suit individual needs and is completely tailored for your skin. Whether you are looking for softness and profound moisture results, fresh and tone effect, detox and purifying action, brightening and pigmentation spots reduction, or young skin magnifying benefits, your expectations will be achieved.

Essential Skincare

60 minutes $335 USD

Ancestral Japanese beauty rituals inspire this treatment which ensures an ultimate beauty experience with unprecedented efficacy, long-lasting results, and pure pleasure in just 60 minutes. The treatment highlights delicate skin peeling, manual Japanese lifting techniques to revitalize and lift tired skin, and a highly performing Bio Collagen mask infused with the best ingredients to restore skin’s radiance, moisture, and luminosity.

Facial for Him

Gentlemen Barber Facial

60 minutes $335 USD

Made for men, this facial is customized to remedy issues related to shaving and environmental exposure, using pore cleansing, facial massage techniques, vibrational technology, a black pearl collagen mask, and a scalp, neck, and shoulder muscular massage.

Just for Couples

Rekindle romance and enjoy some respite together. Our couple treatments are a wonderful way to reconnect and indulge as you take time to relax and unwind in our beautiful spa sanctuary.

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Totally Two

180 minutes $1,950 USD (price per couple)

Indulge yourself in a day of decadence at Spa Montage. Set in a private couple’s sanctuary, this ultimate experience invites you to combine your choice of a 90-minute therapeutic massage with any of our ultra-indulgent 90-minute traditional facial therapies for a day of pampering.

Romantic Escape Massage

60 minutes $630 USD | 90 minutes $940 USD (price per couple)

Soft aromas of rose and geranium seduce the senses to a state of repose and set the intention for a truly romantic couple’s massage. Our tailored massage allows you to enjoy quality time together while relaxing and renewing as you receive a side-by-side treatment.

Just for Teens

Spa Montage offers specially designed services for those ages 13 –16 that may be enjoyed with the supervision of a parent or guardian. Teenage massage services require the wearing of a bathing suit. Access to the spa facilities or pool is not available for guests ages 13 – 16.

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Balancing Massage

60 minutes $290 USD

This Swedish-style massage relieves tension and soothes tired muscles.

Balancing Facial

60 minutes $290 USD

Nature’s finest ingredients replenish the skin for a healthy, clear complexion. A relaxing facial massage, gentle exfoliation, and customized masks illuminate the skin.

Total Body Balance

90 minutes $435 USD

The perfect fusion for ultimate relaxation. A relief massage and a facial combined for a total body experience.

Teen Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure 45 minutes $80 USD | Pedicure 90 minutes $105 USD

Experience the ultimate in pampering. A relief massage combined with a facial and manicure. Begin with a soak, cleanse and massage, followed by a manicure with the color of your choice.

Fitness Programs

Our wellness experts specialize in a variety of fitness techniques and are here to assist you with looking and feeling your best.

Spa Montage’s extensive fitness facilities offer a healthy variety of cardiovascular and strength-training options, challenging exercise classes, postural assessment and advanced nutritional guidance. Our light-filled fitness center offers state-of-the-art equipment, while an adjoining movement and yoga studio is available for stretching, group classes, and individual wellness assessments, training, and counseling.

Our state-of-the-art fitness facilities include:

  • Cutting-edge cardiovascular equipment outfitted with individual media and IFit Life Fitness strength training equipment
  • Life Fitness free weight area
  • Outdoor lap pool
  • Mind/Body Movement Studio

When you reserve time for a treatment, complete the journey by utilizing our wellness program, the ideal complement to our holistic spa therapies.

Our resort offers an inventive array of experiences that move your inner and outer selves in concert with nature. Re-energize your workout regimen by selecting from our ever-evolving list of group fitness classes. Engage the mind with different philosophies and invigorate the spirit with movement and music from other cultures. Your body was made to move, so join in on the celebration!

Spa essential nutrition: Enjoy our healthy, specially designed Spa essential nutrition menu, our balanced and unique nutrition offer to complement your wellness journey.