View of Montage Kapalua Bay Seaside Pool

Personal Safety & Security

For security assistance, call (808) 662-6568.

Your safety and the security of your personal property are of the utmost importance to us. We urge you to take advantage of the following suggestions.


Protecting your privacy and ensuring your safety is our most significant concern. We will not release information related to a registered guest, including guestroom number and reservation information private. Should you find yourself locked out of your guestroom, please call Security at (808) 662 – 6568. We will respond immediately. The registered guest must present valid photo identification for Security to unlock the guestroom.
If you do not wish to receive outside calls or list your registration, please inform Front Desk Concierge at extension 6620. For additional Security, utilize the deadbolt provided on your door. When exiting, please make sure your sliding glass door is locked and confirm your door closes firmly. Do not allow anyone to enter your guestroom without first making identification, and please refrain from sharing personal information over the telephone. A one-way viewer is provided on your door to assist with identification. If there is any doubt, please get in touch with Security at extension 6568.

We highly recommend that you secure money or valuables inside any keypad safe located in each bedroom closet. The safe is for your personal use at no charge. Montage Kapalua Bay is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Safe deposit boxes are also available for your service at Front Desk Concierge.

Guest security is our primary concern. Keep your guestroom keys safeguarded and returned to Front Desk Concierge at checkout. If you lose or misplace a key, please provide Front Desk Concierge with your identification (passport, state I.D, or driver’s license) to obtain a new guestroom key.

If an article is left behind, please call Lost & Found at extension 6568.  We will make every attempt to locate your lost item and deliver it to you as soon as possible. Montage Kapalua Bay is not responsible for any misplaced items.

If you experience a medical emergency of any kind, please dial 55 for Security, who will dispatch the emergency response team to assist.  The security team is trained in basic CPR/First Aid and will render assistance until the local Fire/Paramedics arrive.

It is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the fire exit plan located on the inside of your guestroom door. In the unlikely event of a fire, please move quickly and calmly to the nearest safe exit, and leave the building. Elevators will not be in service.
In case of fire:
  • Stay calm.
  • Close all doors around the fire area.
  • Dial 55 for Security and report the fire and location.
  • Exit the building.
If you can’t leave your guestroom:
  • Dial 55 for Security and report the fire and location.
  • Fill up your bathtub with water.
  • Wedge a wet cloth under the guestroom door and around the vent.
  • Check to see if there is smoke outside the window. If there is no smoke outside the window, open your sliding door.
  • Grab a bedsheet from your bed and hang it over the balcony. This bedsheet will signal your location to firefighters and emergency personnel outside. Keep part of the bedsheet inside the window, and wet with water.
  • Keep wet cloth wedged under your guestroom door and air vent.
  • Use an ice bucket or other container to access water available from the tub.
  • Do not break the window or attempt to jump from any balcony.
  • Smoke rises, so stay low to the ground until help arrives.


  • If your guestroom is full of smoke, fold a wet towel into a triangle and tie it over your nose and mouth.
  • Get on your hands and knees (or stomach) and crawl to the door.
  • Feel the doorknob. If it is hot, do not open the door. If it is cool, open the door slowly and exit with caution.
  • If the hallway is full of smoke, stay next to the wall as you crawl to the exit staircase.
  • If the exit staircase begins to fill with smoke, return to your guestroom and close the door. Dial 0 for the hotel operator and let them know you are in the guestroom.
  • Avoid using an elevator during a fire emergency.
  • Dial 55 for Security and report the presence of smoke.

Remain indoors during the hurricane. Stay away from windows, secure all windows and screen doors. Leave a window and the front door slightly ajar to equalize pressure. To prepare, bring the outside furniture and objects from your lanai (patio) into the guestroom. As the water supply may be interrupted or contaminated, please fill your bathtub and sink basins with water.

Never stay near or approach the beach or coastal waters. As the water supply may be interrupted or contaminated, please fill your bathtub and sink basins with water. Go to an area 50 feet above sea level, if possible. If you don’t have time to travel to high ground but are in a building four floors or higher, go to at least the fourth floor. If you are on the beach and unable to get to high ground, go inland as far as possible. The tsunami evacuation maps found in the Verizon Telephone Book illustrate the Tsunami Evacuation Zones. If you are in this zone, you should evacuate. Shelters or Community Centers will are open as needed. Listen to your radio for details.

Suppose you plan to visit the beaches on Maui and experience ocean activities. In that case, we recommend you follow these standard safety guidelines, as put forth by the county of Maui Department of Public Safety and our County Ocean Safety Officers:
  • Ask a lifeguard about beach and surf safety before swimming.
  • Swim in lifeguarded areas and county beach parks.
  • If you are unable to swim out of a strong current, signal for help.
  • Rely on your swimming ability rather than a flotation device.
  • Look for, read and obey all beach and safety signs.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Refrain from touching all reefs and marine life (especially turtles).
  • Help keep the beaches clean and Hawaii beautiful.
  • If in doubt, do not go out.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Do not dive into unknown water or shallow breaking waves.
  • Do not attempt to dive over large waves.

Weather conditions and surf heights can change without warning. Beaches in Hawaii attract large surf and consistent trade winds, making Maui a mecca for surfers and windsurfers.  Furthermore, giant surf and constant currents can complete other activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding difficult and dangerous. Always check for weather conditions and forecasts before entering the water. Our security teams are always available if you have any questions about ocean safety during your stay.

The state of Hawaii also maintains up-to-date ocean safety information online. For details, please visit